Alexa Wayne

When ready to pursue her career, Alexa Wayne turned to graphic and web design.

However, her love for illustration surfaced, and she took other specialized certifications such as Sequential Art, Inking & Rendering, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Digital Painting, and Storytelling from Comics Experience and Syn Studio.

The OCD Vampire — Alexa Wayne
The OCD Vampire — Alexa Wayne

She then decided to add comic book courses, such as inking, rendering, sequential art, and anatomy.

Because she missed writing, she decided to have her certifications in many areas such as Proofreading, Editing, Novel Writing, Creative Writing, Self-Publishing, and Blogging. She even has certifications in cryptozoology, hoodoo, Wicca, Kitchen Witchery, Demonology, Parapsychology astronomer, and ufology.

She worked for blogs such as The Geek Initiative and Dark Knight News, and then created her own with Gothic Bite Magazine and Alexa Wayne Art.

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That’s it, that’s me.
The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne

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