Artemis Dai

I’m one of the writers here at Gothic Bite, when I’m not writing an article I’m working on my manuscript for my first novel. Of course, there is always the photography.

I love taking pictures of nature, people, and animals, I’ve traveled the world with just me and my camera. I bought my first digital camera in 2000, back when they head floppy disks. I still have it! I keep busy, some might say too busy.

My photography has been in art galleries in Pennsylvania and New York.  Yes, I am a total bookworm, and a bit of a science geek. Growing up in the Northern United States, I got a kick out of the cold weather.

The more snow the better. In my house we usually say don’t tease me with a few inches, give me a foot. The last good storm we got three feet of snow and town was shut down for a week.

I’m Irish, English, and German by nationality. In my family we’re all volunteer fire fighters. My brother is our town’s chief, my dad is the assistant chief.  My mom and kid sister are EMTs and firefighter.

I’m the adrenaline junky that does all the weird rescues. When I’m not volunteering or working I’m an advocate for a rare liver disease called Autoimmune Hepatitis or AIH.

Let it snow!
Artemis Dai

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