L.A. Maciel

To say that I find death fascinating is an understatement. I grew up knowing that if mother hadn’t have woken up on time, I would have been a SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, statistic. So, naturally, the knowledge of knowing I would have been dead that I wouldn’t be here has fascinated me, my entire life.

From the death of beloved pets to the passing of loved ones, death has always been present in my life.

Only during my first attempt at attending college did I learn about the Death Positive Movement. A movement set up to help people face death anxiety and know their rights about their bodies after death. This movement has been a significant influence on my life, both professionally and personally.

St Mary Cemetery - California
St Mary Cemetery – California

As a writer and reader, I love the dark and macabre. I am filling my library with fantasy worlds and murder mysteries, not to mention my guilty pleasures: cozy mysteries and romances. You can also find an exhaustive collection of occult books and anything about death!

I like to call myself a “death nerd” and amateur occultist. Talking about death and dying, plus anything categorized as “creepy” is my number one favorite thing to do!

I hope we meet again, on the living side! Happy reading!

The Reaper
Writer | Author | Contributor

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