Where to begin? I’m someone who prefers television series and movies to novels although I’ve always had a love of writing, but I never thought I had enough talent to pursue that hobby.

To satisfy my imagination I turned to photography because like the expression says: a picture’s worth a thousand word.

Antique Camera
Antique Camera

I’ve always drawn, but without a model to base my drawing on it would quickly turn to a horror scene… what else is there to say? Yes, I did have one of my dreams coming true. I used to play music and even though with time I forgot all about reading music and play it, back then I did play in front of a small crowd.

What a dream it was to feel the warmth of the spotlights focused on the stage and all the eyes turning to look at you when adrenaline kicked in and spread through my body when the first notes of my clarinet was heard in rhythm with my breath. It was an unforgettable moment for me.

Following a few events in my life that became quite monotone, I stopped drawing, playing music and photography even.

I blame it on not having the time for it. Then, all of a sudden, my life changed and so I will roll up my sleeves to deliver you wonderful images worth of your expectations. It is time for me to put a little spice in my life!

To conclude, um… I must admit not knowing how to end this so here’s how I will sign off and say see you soon…

You won’t get rid of me easily, mwahaha…

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