Rebecca Hill

Hey everyone, I am Rebecca! I tend to be a bit of a workaholic, I cannot stand having too much time on my hands! Writing is something that comes very naturally to me, and I have been writing for over twenty years.

I have had some articles published in several online magazines and websites. Additionally, I have been blogging for the last ten years. I do some work for a company, and run a book blog on my own My main job however, is editing.


I love to get a raw novel in my hands, and turn it into a gleaming gem. I am not genre specific, however, there are a few subjects I will shy away from at times. My husband and I have been married for thirteen years, and we have two boys ages 12 and 10.

We love to spend time outside, go camping, and visit different areas. I spent five years in the US Army, and loved it. I enjoy crafting, cross stitching being a huge favorite.

I hold a BA and MA in history, with an emphasis in military and American history. I do have a huge interest in ancient cultures however. I teach college courses part time, as well as do work in social media, project management, and so much more! I love to stay busy!

Rebecca Hill

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