The Malicious Unicorn

It is not a secret that I have much admiration for Japanese literature including manga and their history. I even enjoy their food while watching animes on my couch with my cat Kyo.

I passionately know by heart most of my favorite animes and manga and it brought me to be part of the Gothic Bite.

The Malicious Unicorn
The Ghoul Family was drawn by Alexa Wayne.

My passion for the imaginary and creativeness guided me to pursue my quest in discovering a new me that hid deep within me all along in my subconscious, but comes out strong and proud when attending my favorite LARPS.

And for those reasons, I’m now part of the Gothic Bite Ghoul Family as a consultant, but also as a writer and a friend.

驚くばかり (Awesome!)

Consultant | Reviewer

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