The Swamp Witch

Hi Everyone, I grew up watching so many different movies and show, each of them had a lot to do with what I like now as an adult. I enjoy the creepy or scary movies, shows, and books.

Although I much prefer to be the writer of these scary stories. I also tend to gravitate towards the stories that not only scare you but make you think; I like more than just gore, I want, no need to be entertained along with it.

The Swamp Witch by Alexa Wayne

Along with writing horror shorts, and eventually even a longer horror book, I love to write romance, always paranormal romance!

I live right next to my very own swamp here in Georgia, and that is what helped inspire my avatar. It just brings to mind all of the possible swamp monsters that I have right outside my front door.

To add to that, I enjoy witch stories, and if given a chance to be any paranormal monster, I would choose a witch. Witches are the unsung heroes of their own stories.

Your Swamp Witch,
T. A. Patterson