Gothic Bite Magazine is not your typical webzine. We have a special print edition in Autumn every year and a theme for every month. We focus on the Legends, Monsters, Folklore, Hauntings and we attract Authors, Musicians, Artists and Companies alike to appear on our website or advertise.

We are the most luxurious Gothic magazine you can find on the Internet with our specialized team of writers active every day of the week to supply our readers and followers with the best obscure content we can see.

Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 - Kindle Cover
Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 – Kindle Cover

Advertisement with our online magazine is a great way to access a targeted audience in the Gothic, paranormal or art lifestyle. In the literary world, we cover from publishers to authors and editors.


Top 10 Countries in terms of views listed below in the extent of a year demonstrate where our main audiences are from and help to keep our choices in articles relevant and high in quality.

1. The United States.
2. The United Kingdom.
3. Canada.
4. Italy.
5. India.
6. Australia.
7. France.
8. Ireland.
9. Germany.
10. New Zealand.

*** We have a great diversity in readers and followers, our main audience varies between 18 years old to 48 years old.


Gothic Bite Magazine has an average of two hundred (200) views per day on the website and growing. We have loyal followers and readers.

When it comes to our social media platform, Gothic Bite Magazine has a total followers’ list of nearly a three (3) thousand. Loyal people who followed GBM since the beginning and again, growing every day.

Our average words per post are seven hundred and eighty. We are a daily magazine; therefore, we do post or update every day our content. Our team of writers has their expertise, and we often interact on social media with our followers and ask for their preferences.


All articles appear on each social media mentioned below at the exception of Quora which the platform is for questions and answers is where A. Wayne is considered a master in the paranormal and mermaid topics.

Quora: 135.1 K views per month.
Pinterest: 22.4 K views per month.
Twitter: 2’326 Followers.
Facebook: 429 Followers GBM Page | 365 Members in GBM Group 5 Stars.
Instagram: 804 Followers.
GoodReads: 267 Followers | Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars.
LinkedIn: 209 Followers.
Tumblr: 99 Followers.


Gothic Bite Magazine is only a year old, and its popularity is continually growing. We are working hard in making GBM the place for all paranormal enthusiasts to come and enjoy our content. We prioritize quality and the truth in our articles.

To advertise with us, please refer to our Advertisement Card in the sub-menu below Advertisement. You will find both possibilities to have your products showcased with us as part of our Annual Special Print Edition or on our Website.

We are looking forward to working with you.
Kind Regards,
The Gothic Bite Magazine Family

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