The Arcana – The Teaching of Tarot Reading

When learning to read Tarot cards you need basic understanding before trying to do readings. As for me, I wanted to use deviation to help others interpret their emotions.
There are thousands of choices when it comes to the type of deck you wish to use. When choosing my own, I went with an elemental deck. It spoke out to me.
However, all decks follow the same structure. They must contain all twenty-two of Major Arcana and the four Minor Arcana. … More The Arcana – The Teaching of Tarot Reading

Ouija Says Yes

There are many people who think the Ouija Board is nothing more then a toy. A board game that allows people to have communications with the spiritual world. Not taking into consideration the risks they are placing themselves in.
There are several versions of the game, some leading to causing the player harm or misfortune. Because the Ouija says yes… … More Ouija Says Yes

Visions of LARP 2

There are three things people with low vision consider a pet peeve: a person pointing off to the distance or saying over there, waving a hand in their face, and holding up their hand and asking how many fingers they are holding up.
These are tests to prove if a person can see or not. I have low vision and there are things I can’t see. When a person points without adding extra details, I’m lost on how far to travel in that direction. … More Visions of LARP 2