Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

There is literally something for every genre fan in her writing and to classify it as just one genre really seems a disservice when she slips through the streams of many to bring her readers a thrill seeking, heart-wrenching, blood pumping tale that leaves this reader drooling for more…especially with the cliffhanger that caused my eyes to widen. … More Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

Bring Me A Dream

I remember hearing about the Sandman as a child; it wasn’t through the Hans Christian Andersen’s story but through The Chordettes version of Mr. Sandman the song. In fact, in almost every rendition that I have had the pleasure to read or hear since I was introduced to the Sandman, every instance has been innocent, good intent, misunderstood, and complex. … More Bring Me A Dream