Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

There is literally something for every genre fan in her writing and to classify it as just one genre really seems a disservice when she slips through the streams of many to bring her readers a thrill seeking, heart-wrenching, blood pumping tale that leaves this reader drooling for more…especially with the cliffhanger that caused my eyes to widen. … More Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy


Readers Beware, we are back for another scare. After a short break here we are with the next in line for my Goosebumps series. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder was always one of my favorites as my Aunt took piano lessons and I longed to be able to play like the teacher. … More GOOSEBUMPS


This one has really good memories for me but upon reading it again, I have seen the theme done better. It is great for a giggle and it has some moments where you would be scared but it doesn’t hold a candle to some of the other works of Stine’s where fear is front and center. … More GOOSEBUMPS!