MJ Vieira

Nestled deep in a sleepy little town within central Iowa, is a grumpy, coffee addicted human with the nickname the Dragon. A household with a teenage boy, husband and two fur babies keep her busy.

During the day, she plays at being an adult by working to earn a paycheck to fund her coffee and book addiction. By night however, the dragon writes stories to tease the senses, accelerate the heart rate and bring out the feels.

Horror - Serial Killer
Horror – Serial Killer

Originally from Maine, MJ Vieira showed and trained Quarter Horses in a past life. She is the 2004 Rookie of the Year for the 14-18 youth division. Following this passion, she went to the University of Findlay in Ohio where she majored in Western Equestrian Studies.

There, in her first English class, she met Professor Tulley who encouraged her to write and helped her hone her skills. Now, she has six books and multiple anthology pieces published.

An avid fan of all things ghosts and demon related, the Dragon spends much of her free time looking into the paranormal. MJ also studies mythology and world religions in between reading and rocking out to a plethora of musical choices.

Other times, she’s enjoying the various TV shows she’s been hooked into: The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch, Lucifer, Castle, Leverage, Ghost investigative shows, and true crime docs.

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