Obscura Is Not A Typical Antique Shop

Obscura is not a typical antique shop when we remember the series on Discovery that introduced us to the freaky side of collectors! … More Obscura Is Not A Typical Antique Shop

From True Blood To New Blood

From True Blood to New Blood is a review going back when Bon Temps was part of our summer and brought southern charm to our lives with vampires and more. … More From True Blood To New Blood

A Wicked Case of Pediophobia

A gentle gift, given the name of Robert, would soon cause waking nightmares for the boy known to family as Gene. … More A Wicked Case of Pediophobia

A Preacher Worthy of Genesis

A Preacher worthy of Genesis that no one can understand until we learn it’s the progeny of a demon and an angel looking for balance between evil and good. … More A Preacher Worthy of Genesis

The 1988 Night of the Demons

The 1988 Night of the Demons movie is one of the guilty pleasures that I have and is quite a B-List horror movie I recommend for the demon experience. … More The 1988 Night of the Demons

As Above So Below Be Careful

As above so below be careful not to forget what you learned from hell and Dante’s Inferno among other mythologies dating back to the Philosopher’s Stone! … More As Above So Below Be Careful

Beelzebub The Prince of Demons

Beelzebub the prince of demons is neither Satan nor Lucifer but a fallen angels of his own who has a high ranking in demonology and hell itself. … More Beelzebub The Prince of Demons

Grave Encounter of the Footage Kind

This is a grave encounter of the footage kind! We have the element of “fount footage” presented to us in a ghost hunting fashion leading to awesome horror. … More Grave Encounter of the Footage Kind

When Werewolves Find Hemlock Grove

When werewolves find Hemlock Grove darkness and hell grow while werewolves are believed to commit murder and vampires roaming the streets. … More When Werewolves Find Hemlock Grove

Interviewing A Professional Vampirologist

Interviewing a professional vampirologist doesn’t happen everyday since it is quite uncommon to come across a vampire these days but Dr. Lyon did it! … More Interviewing A Professional Vampirologist

Sabrina Is Back On Netflix With Chilling Adventures

Sabrina is back on Netflix with chilling adventures for the third consecutive season and we cannot wait to see how deeper into darkness we’ll be. … More Sabrina Is Back On Netflix With Chilling Adventures

The Review of Pubg Mobile

Available on either iOS or Android devices, and free to play, this game took the Battle Royale formula and brought it to mobile in a massive way. … More The Review of Pubg Mobile

The Horrifying Definition of Monster

Monsters have a heritage in their history. Either it is from religion or mythology, monsters possess an origin of their own. As an example, the Greeks and Romans saw monsters as divine displeasure. Consequently, they perceived congenital disabilities or malformations as ominous. … More The Horrifying Definition of Monster

Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Rayna Crimson

I sometimes have a habit of letting my own self-doubt hinder my aspirations, but that is something I am working through one day at a time. … More Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Rayna Crimson

Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Susannah Shannon

I have written contemporary books too. Currently, I love supernatural settings. My Norse Warriors series is set in a land of myth-where saber-toothed tigers roam, and your battle scars tell the world who you are, what’s not to love? … More Gothic Bite Magazine Interviewed Susannah Shannon

Folklore of Secrecy

I wanted to bring in history, facts, and respect. With a quite popular series such as Supernatural among others either televised or written, many folklores, borrowed from various cultures and First Nations are not an exception. However, some forget that sometimes particular creatures are better left undisturbed. … More Folklore of Secrecy

Rock Sugar Sandman?

Greetings Biters! For the April tribute to the Sandman, I’d take you for another trip into my music library. Let me introduce you to the band Rock Sugar and their hit Don’t Stop The Sandman. … More Rock Sugar Sandman?

POKÉMON: Let’s Go Pikachu

Hello, my name is George. I’ve loved Pokemon almost my whole life. So, I was really excited when I watched E3 2018 with my stepdad. On the second day of E3, we saw that Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee was coming out. So here are some of my opinions about the game. … More POKÉMON: Let’s Go Pikachu

Great New England Vampire Panic

In the early years of American history, New England was full of superstitions about the supernatural. The church spread fears of evil which lead to the witch trials so famously diluted in our history books. Vampires were rumored to roam New England’ rural communities by night with reports documented as early as 1793. … More Great New England Vampire Panic