Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

There is literally something for every genre fan in her writing and to classify it as just one genre really seems a disservice when she slips through the streams of many to bring her readers a thrill seeking, heart-wrenching, blood pumping tale that leaves this reader drooling for more…especially with the cliffhanger that caused my eyes to widen. … More Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

Pre-Order Ancient Blood by Dora Esquivel

A year ago, in a fit of lust and need, Lucien claimed his mate, a human called Gabriel. Gabriel tried to resist but Lucien easily overpowered him. Lucien’s master, Sargon, was not pleased with his spontaneity and decreed the two must be apart for one year…and, just for spite, that Gabriel would not be able to ejaculate until he saw Lucien again. … More Pre-Order Ancient Blood by Dora Esquivel

Paranormal Encounters

Ghost stories, ghost hunting, and paranormal investigations are on many channels on television. We see it on tv, read about it and now it is slowly expanding.
It is not about the ghosts only anymore. If you do a little research now, you can either close your eyes or meet with the paranormal encounters. … More Paranormal Encounters