Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

There is literally something for every genre fan in her writing and to classify it as just one genre really seems a disservice when she slips through the streams of many to bring her readers a thrill seeking, heart-wrenching, blood pumping tale that leaves this reader drooling for more…especially with the cliffhanger that caused my eyes to widen. … More Under Animus Review From The Edge of the Galaxy

Hotel Transylvania The Series

When I first watched Hotel Transylvania, I quickly fell in love with the story even though 3D is not my cup of tea. The characters, the originality and the breath of fresh air the subject brought was fascinating.
Despite my obsession with Vlad The Impaler and Dracula, I was able to look pass that and fall for Mavis and her uncle Frankenstein… then came the series on June 25th, 2017… my jaw dropped. … More Hotel Transylvania The Series

Frankenstein Is Alive!

Frankenstein’s Monster was written by Mary Shelley, but we already know the story of the novelist that changed the vision of horror, science-fiction and how she opened the door for women coming into the literary world.
She created over a summer, after herself and her friends made a bet of writing an entire story by the beginning of Fall and she was the only one who accomplished it and had it published in 1818 with the help of her father. … More Frankenstein Is Alive!