Swamp Monster Pt.1

The legend of the Swamp Monster is not as old as one would expect. When doing research on the monster itself, thinking mostly to be as old as Bigfoot, to my surprise the very first sighting of the half humanoid half leafy murky wet abominable monster took place in 1963 when a man and his friend were looking down from a plane on a swamp and discovered more than they anticipated. … More Swamp Monster Pt.1

Sandman, A Poem

There are not many monsters that scares me, however, when it comes to the Sandman I feel quite disturbed.
He comes in your room at night, throws sand into your eyes and makes you believe it’s for good dreams and yet, I used to have night terrors.
To me, growing up, the Sandman was nothing more that a dreadful evil dust merchant. … More Sandman, A Poem

Vampire Community – Aramond S. VanRahamdalph is Interviewed

This month Rev. Dr. Aramond S. VanRahamdalph DD. sat down with our beloved Corinth Noctem Aeternus, for a one on one interview. Rev. Dr. VanRahamdalph.

He is the founder of many Houses inside the Houston Texas community and the founder of Houston’s Council of Community Affairs as well as the Texas and World Council of Community Affairs. … More Vampire Community – Aramond S. VanRahamdalph is Interviewed

Gothic Bite Restructuring

As of July 1st, we will have 1 Blog post per day, WOOHOO!!! Every day of the week! Wut! This will mean way more monsters, ghouls, spooky and paranormal awesome articles coming your way by our amazing Ghoul Family!

And please, let us give all a warm thank you to our very own @allhalekendra (Inkstress Zee) to be our new Editor. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to keep GBM going like I have been with a few new amazing things happening in my life. … More Gothic Bite Restructuring