Zombies Are A Fact

Recently, zombies have been invading our small screen and the theaters. Either from famous shows as The Walking Dead or World War Z.
The term zombie has been part of our lives for centuries, but most recently, gained in popularity. However, research proved that zombies are a fact. … More Zombies Are A Fact

The Arcana – The Teaching of Tarot Reading

When learning to read Tarot cards you need basic understanding before trying to do readings. As for me, I wanted to use deviation to help others interpret their emotions.
There are thousands of choices when it comes to the type of deck you wish to use. When choosing my own, I went with an elemental deck. It spoke out to me.
However, all decks follow the same structure. They must contain all twenty-two of Major Arcana and the four Minor Arcana. … More The Arcana – The Teaching of Tarot Reading