The Dentist Review

When I was younger, I fell quickly in love with the horror genre. We used to have Friday Creep Night at the house. We’d rent good horror movies and some we thought would be cheesy to lighten the mood.
This movie might be cheesy in some ways, but it gave me odontophobia, so you decide! … More The Dentist Review

The Swamp Monster

Originally posted on Gothic Bite Magazine:
The legend of the Swamp Monster is not as old as one would expect. When doing research on the monster itself, thinking mostly to be as old as Big Foot, to my surprise the very first sighting of the half humanoid half leafy murky wet abominable monster took place…

Ouija Says Yes

There are many people who think the Ouija Board is nothing more then a toy. A board game that allows people to have communications with the spiritual world. Not taking into consideration the risks they are placing themselves in.
There are several versions of the game, some leading to causing the player harm or misfortune. Because the Ouija says yes… … More Ouija Says Yes